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Janet Warren (Canada)                                  E.  Janet  War-
             Comment to                                             ren     MTS,
             “The Invisible Body”                                   PhD)  works
                                                                    as  a  Fami-
                                                                    ly  Physician,
             Even  before  reading  this  article,  Dr.             in c l udin g
             Wojcieszek’s title captured my attention. The
             concept of the “invisible body” relates to al-         p ra c t i c in g
             most all of my scholarly interests: general sci-       py,  and  as  an
             ence,  medicine,  psychology,  psychotherapy,          independent
             and theology. Wojcieszek offers a fascinating          scholar. She received her PhD in theology
             commentary  on  the  unique,  transient,  and
             temporal nature of what we call our bodies.            from the University of Birmingham, U.K.
                                                                    and published her thesis as Cleansing the
             Something  so  commonplace,  indeed  una-              Cosmos: A Biblical Model for Conceptua-
             voidable, that we seldom ponder this marvel            lizing  and  Counteracting  Evil  (Pickwick,
             of  God’s  creation.  Even  though  we  “know”         2012). Her latest book is Holy Housekee-
             ourselves, there is so much that is unknown.
             Contemporary  science,  especially  quantum            ping (Essence, 2017).  Janet’s research inte-
                                                                    rests include the integration of psychology
             physics, suggests that existence is difficult to       and theology, and she is current president
             define. Subatomic particles have a quasi-real          of  the  Canadian  Scientific  and  Christian
             ontological  status.  Force  fields,  black  holes,    Affiliation. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario,
             and dark matter remain invisible but can be
             inferred  from  their  impact  on  the  visible.       Canada.
             Scientists are also increasingly noting the in-        Former articles:
             terconnectedness of all things (quantum ent- 
             anglement being a prime example), and reco-  
             gnize the limits of their study. Of course, one
             must be careful about concluding or applying 
             too much from science.

             The  same  caution  applies  to  biological  sci-  physical  manifestations.  Medical  practitioners
             ence; e.g., not all atoms in our bodies are re-   teach  people  to  care  for  their  bodies,  but  at
             placed, the life span of cells is variable. No-   times people have no control over their bodies,
             netheless, as Wojcieszek notes, much of hu-       such as with a seizure disorder. Our bodies can
             man physiology is in flux. The microbiome,        also be controlled (abused actually) – by others
             estimated  to  constitute  fifty  percent  of  our   or  the  environment.  Sometimes  intentionally,
             bodies, is a leading area of current medical      often accidentally. Indeed, given the fragility of
             research. I still remember the first electron-    life, it is surprising and marvelous that so many
             microscope image I saw of human eyelashes         people survive and flourish.
             – crawling with creepy things! Other “invisib-
             le” and unknown aspects of the human body         Exceptional  cases  raise  further  physiological
             include our awareness and control of it. Most     and philosophical questions about the nature of
             of the time our bodies function well without      the “invisible” body. Organ transplants – whose
             us even being conscious of them. Pain indica-     “body” do they belong to? Conjoined twins –
             tes a problem, but there is much variation in     whose body is it? One person or two? People in
             people’s perception of pain; sometimes pain       comas – is the self in the brain or the body? Ne-
             occurs when there is no obvious physical ail-     ar-death and out-of-body experiences – what is
             ment.  Mental  and  physical  are  intertwined    real? Indeed the literature on the relationship
             – injuries and illnesses can cause psychologi-    between body and soul, or mind and brain, or
             cal problems, and mental illnesses often have     material  and  non-material  realities  continues

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