Page 19 - EMCAPP-Journal No. 8
P. 19

Some of the articles are based in both theoretical   stian pastoral care and counselling. These orga-
             developments and practical applications, such     nisations display the depth of involvement and
             as the article on Christian Community Psycho-     seriousness about promoting Christian mental
             logy. In this article the theoretical foundation   health programmes and building up networks
             for  Community  Psychology  is  discussed  with   of support.
             an emphasis on how it fits in with our Christian
             faith. Also included in this article is the work   Lastly,  I  draw  you  attention  to  an  article  that
             and report of a Christian Community Psycho-       highlights  how  every  Christian,  no  matter
             logy student that implemented these principles    what  age  group,  could  draw  people  to  Christ
             in a community in Namibia. The feedback re-       on a daily basis. This is the article on Blessings,
             ceived from this intervention indicates the need   written by Willem Joubert. This article explores
             for and impact  of  Christian  Community  Psy-    the Scriptural meaning of ‘blessing” and how it
             chology.                                          could be applied by every person every day. The
                                                               practical steps outlined in this article provide
             Applied  Christian  Psychology  is  also  illustra-  an easy to grasp and implement process to the
             ted in the article written by Ms Wendy Grey-      readers. It further challenges all of us to be ob-
             vensteyn. Her programme involves adolescence      edient to God’s word and to start to bless people
             and indicates how this vulnerable stage of de-    around us.
             velopment could be supported by a Christian
             psychological  intervention.  Ms  Bèné  Katabua   In  conclusion,  I  am  thrilled,  and  I  hope  you
             further  emphasised  the  importance  of  Chri-   would be too, by the variety of topics and depth
             stian based intervention for children and ado-    of  dedication  displayed  by  all  these  authors
             lescence in her article about Missionary Kids.    from diverse backgrounds, contributing to the
             It is essential that we take note of the needs and   field  of  Christian  Anthropology,  Psychology
             issues of children in their different developmen-  and Psychotherapy in the South African con-
             tal phases and plan suitable Biblically based in-  text.
             terventions to help these kids and their families.
                                                               I pray that you will not only enjoy reading the-
             The article written by Keith Michael, André and   se articles but benefit on a theoretical, spiritual
             Annette de la Porte and Marieke Willers provi-    and practical level. May you be enriched and
             de readers with insight into various non-profit   touched by the ideas, experiences and dedicati-
             organisations and ministries focusing on Chri-    on we have shared.

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