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Nicolene Joubert

             Introduction to the

             South African Articles                               Nicolene Joubert
                                                                  (South Africa)
             It is a privilege for me to write the introduction   Founder      and
             to the South African articles, as I treasure the     head  of  the  In-
             history of South Africa, full of struggles, cou-     stitute  of  Chri-
             rage and victories, deeply. The country is still     stian Psychology
             faced with many socio-economic and political         (ICP)  near  by
             challenges that could compromise mental and          Johannesburg, Counselling Psychologist in
             spiritual wellbeing. I am therefore grateful for     private practice, Ph.D. in Psychology from
             the rich contribution from the Christian com-        Northwest  University  ZA.  Specialized  in
             munity (as displayed in the articles) in order to    trauma  therapy  and  the  development  of
             find resolutions and render mental health ser-       dissociative identity disorder. Prof Joubert
             vices on all levels.                                 is the founder and chairperson of the South
                                                                  African  Society  for  the  Study  of  Trauma
             South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation.         and Dissociation.
             This term was earned during and after a peace-
             ful transition from a white dominated regime
             to democracy and full independence. The Rain-
             bow serves as a metaphor for the rich diversity
             of cultural, language, religious, ethnic and race
             groups that mark the South African society. The
             diversity further entails unique histories, iden-
             tities and forms of self-expression. The narrati-  term “soul” in pastoral care is confused with the
             ves of the different groups each hold their own   term  “psyche”  in  Psychology.  Professor  Louw
             moments of sorrow, loss, conflict, sin, struggle,   postulates a potential solution for the conflict
             redemption and glory.                             between an anthropology that is based in the
                                                               doctrine of sin (Christian reformed tradition)
             The  writers  of  the  South  African  articles  pu-  and the over-optimistic anthropological stance
             blished in this journal open a window for rea-    adopted by Psychology, which claims that every
             ders to view and taste the richness of this di-   person has internal psychic potential that could
             versity. The articles further serve to provide a   be actualized. Instead, he proposes a relational
             slice of the Christian psychological and Chri-    anthropology for pastoral care.
             stian pastoral research and practice to readers.
             The aim is to increase readers’ understanding of   Other articles stem from research projects with
             how mental and spiritual health is approached     the aim to gather important information with
             by  diverse  Christian  groups  in  South  Africa.   regards to the practice of Christian Psychology.
             Furthermore,  we  trust  that  readers  would  be   Ms Ninky Shuenyane points out in her article
             enriched and intrigued by the country’s diver-    how the church in South Africa perceives coun-
             sity on the one hand, and the unity in Christ on   selling and Psychology. She highlights that the
             the other hand.                                   church is a healing community but often lacks
                                                               the necessary knowledge and skills to address
             The  articles  further  represent  different  focus   the psychological issues of their congregation.
             areas. Some focus more on pastoral care, such as   Ms Dorcas Khomari’s research project indicates
             the article written by Professor Daniël Louw. In   her findings with regards to a Biblically based
             his first article he explores the interaction bet-  marriage enrichment programme that she has
             ween Psychology and pastoral care and how the     developed and implemented in a congregation.

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