Page 14 - EMCAPP-Journal No. 8
P. 14

posed  of  many  different  subdisciplines,  some
             of which vary tremendously in their orientati-
             on and some of their assumptions (e.g., neuro-
             psychology,  cognitive  psychology,  and  clinical
             psychology). We are only pointing out that that
             worldview differences also affect one’s view of
             human beings, so, if they are taken seriously, it
             will necessarily result in a single discipline that
             has a common core in some areas, but multiple
             psychologies in other areas, each based on a dif-
             ferent worldview.

             Contemporary  psychology  constitutes  a  vast,
             complex, and remarkable human science. Ho-
             wever, it is currently dominated by a modern,
             secular orientation. Christian students of con-
             temporary  psychology  will  benefit  from  un-
             derstanding well their Christian faith and their
             own  worldview  assumptions,  particularly  a
             Christian understanding of human beings and
             salvation in Christ. There is tremendous value
             in  contemporary  psychology,  but  Christians
             need  to  be  wary  of  its  secular  distortions.  As
             students move through their study of psycholo-
             gy, it is hoped that they will develop a sophisti-
             cated Christian understanding of the field and
             that some will feel called to contribute to a di-
             stinctly Christian version. While William James
             despaired of certainty on this planet, Christians
             can more confidently base their psychological
             knowledge and practice on the divine revelation
             found  in  Scripture,  acknowledge  the  limits  of
             human knowledge, and find the greatest kind of
             certitude and happiness through faith in Christ.

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