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Pablo López Silva (Chile)

             Comment to

             “A Christian’s Guide to


             Why a Christian Psychology?
             In his article, Eric Johnson thoughtfully com-
             ments on a number of issues surrounding the                            Pablo López-Silva, PhD,
             debate  about  the  empirical,  methodological,                           School of Psychology
             and  conceptual  foundations  of  the  Christi-                            Faculty of Medicine
             an psychology project. These problems can be                       The University of Valparaíso
             grouped into to classes: On one side, relational                                         Chile
             problems or those concerning the issue about
             how  to  think  about  the  empirical  and  theo-
             retical  corpus  that  contemporary  –  secular  –   Certainly, modern physics and chemistry have
             psychology has built up over the years from a     been gradually walking away from the Christi-
             Christian point of view. On the other side, Eric’s   an worldview that motivated some of their most
             examination focuses on internal problems, na-     important discoveries. The example of contem-
             mely, those exclusively arising from the Christi-  porary biology and its emphasis on evolution
             an project itself. An example of this class is the   is even clearer. In all these cases we see the de-
             problem concerning the theological choices that   velopment of a strong process of secularization
             Christian psychologists might need to make in     from which psychology has not escaped. In this
             developing the project and setting up a certain   context the question about why a Christian psy-
             view of the person in order to develop further    chology becomes clearer. Over the years, em-
             insights on it. Systematic work on these issues is   pirical and social sciences have been hijacked
             extremely important as it allows Christian psy-   by those denying the existence of a loving God
             chologists – as well as philosophers and social   that designed and created the universe and the
             scientists – to guide clinical and research decisi-  creatures that inhabit it. Little by little, such an
             ons in different contexts (professional practice,   ideology has been monopolizing and control-
             pastoral care, academia, and so on).              ling the way in which the knowledge of God’s
                                                               creation  is  eventually  reached  and  taught.  In
             The discussion of both relational and internal    this way, secularized science has tried to detach
             problems relates to the key issue about what a    our knowledge of reality from the reality’s own
             Christian  psychology  project  is  and  how  this   creator, God, and this has many spiritual and
             project should be developed. Eric Johnson has     practical consequence.
             done a great job clarifying the what and the how
             of the Christian psychology project, a good ex-   The first reason why need a Christian psycholo-
             ample of this is his compilation ‘Psychology &    gy is because we need to reconnect the domain
             Christianity: Five views’. Here I shall focus on   of  the  human  mind  with  its  creator  and,  by
             a rather distinct – but still related – question,   doing so, to show people how everything, even
             namely, why do we need a Christian psychology     our own minds, has a purpose in God. As such,
             project? In fact, do we need a Christian psycho-  this is a spiritual – or even evangelistic - rea-
             logy project at all? I think we do; let me here   son, as it will allow Christian to show how the
             briefly comment on two of the many reasons I      love of God permeates even the design of our
             think so, one spiritual and one practical.        minds and society. Study and doing research on

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