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Christian Psychology as a Challenge

                                               Agnes May (Germany)

                                 Interview with Nicolene Joubert,

             founder and head of the Institute of Christian Psychology

                                       in South Africa since 2001

             Prof dr Nicolene Joubert is a registered Coun-    A. May: Nicolene,  you  have  been  working  as
             selling Psychologist in private practice as well   a  psychologist  since  1983,  being  trained  at
             as a teacher, who obtained her Master’s degree    a  Christian  and  at  a  regular  state  university.
             from UNISA and later went on to obtain her        Do  you  remember  a  certain  moment,  certain
             Ph.D in Psychology from Northwest University.     circumstances  or  questions,  when  the  idea  of
             Prof dr Joubert is a well-known speaker on the    a Christian psychology came to your mind for
             effects of trauma and the development of Disso-   the first time? And can you describe a little bit
             ciative Identity Disorder, and on the impact of   what this “idea” was about?
             worldview/spirituality in a therapeutic process
             (i.e. at the 7th World Congress for Psychothe-    N. Joubert:  I  had  a  few  serious  moments  of
             rapy in Durban, South Africa, in August 2014).    contemplating the inclusion of Christian faith
             She is the President of the Association of Chri-  in psychotherapy (or lack thereof) during my
             stian Counsellors in South Africa (ACC) and a     training and as a novice psychotherapist. Thus,
             lifelong honorary member of The Red Cross So-     my thinking developed over a period of time.
             ciety and the Women’s Federation. She is also a
             member of organizations such as the Psycholo-     The first time that I questioned the absence of
             gical Society of South Africa (PsySSA), and the   any  reference  to  religion  or  Christian  beliefs
             International Society for the Study of Trauma     in a constructive way (I studied at a Christian
             and Dissociation (ISSTD).                         University for my Bachelor degree) was during
             In  2001  she                                                                    my  first  year
             founded    the                                                                   psy c h o log y
             Institute   of                                                                   lectures.  The
             Christian  Psy-                                                                  emphasis  was
             chology,  a  site                                                                on  the  rejec-
             of  delivery  of                                                                 tion  of  demo-
             Die  Afrikaan-                                                                   nization  as  a
             se Protestantse                                                                  cause of patho-
             Akademie. The                                                                    logy,  labelling
             Institute  aims                                                                  it  as  primitive
             to  contribute                                                                   thinking.  My
             post-matric                                                                      thought    was
             education   in                                                                   ”Is  the  Bible
             the  field  of                                                                   really   wrong
             Christian  Psy-         One of the first BA degree graduate groups (2005)        about this?”
             chology   and
             offers an accredited three-year Bachelor degree   During  my  Masters  degree  training  many  of
             and a four year Bachelor of Psychology degree     my  lecturers  openly  belittled  Christian  faith,
             as well as numerous short courses that include    referring to it as hogwash, especially as an ap-
             Christian  Psychology  and  Christian  Counsel-   proach  to  counselling.  I  was  offended  by  this
             ling subjects.                                    but lacked knowledge and scientific evidence to

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