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Maria Joubert (Russia)                              Maria  Joubert,

             Comment to                                          MA  in  Pasto-
             “A Holistic Perspective                             psychologist  in

             of Stress”                                          “The  ABIGAIL”
                                                                 C o un s e l lin g
                                                                 Centre,    Kras-
                                                                 noyarsk, Russia.
             An article by Steven L. Voss is focused on the
             current topic of stress. The author aimed to
             “consider stress as modern construct that can            
             be  understood  physically,  psychologically,
             and spiritually.”                                   Former contributions in our eJournal by
                                                                 Maria you can see her:
             The author starts out the article reminding a
             reader various facts about stress and its ne-
             gative  impact  on  the  physical  and  mental
             health of a person. Consequently, the author’s
             conclusion looks clear: the response to stress
             should be the retreat, taking care of one’s phy-
             sical and mental health, relaxation and resto-
             ration of the lost balance. Perhaps the author’s
             discourse would be more complete if he also
             touched on the topic of the impact of stress on
             spiritual health.                                 tuation of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from
                                                               the original garden God does not worry about
             Another  part  of  the  article  is  dedicated  to   their  stress.  He  cares  about  other  things.  Of
             the  modern  concept  of  stress.  The  author,   course, God helps a person in all situations, in-
             referring  to  researches  of  Kugelmann  and     cluding stressful ones, and this is a matter of our
             Hutmacher, speaks of the widespread use of        faith. However, God saves a person and takes
             the term ‘stress’ in the last half of 20th cen-   care of his soul without concern how to reduce
             tury and points out that over time the word       a person’s stress level. We can assume that stress
             ‘stress’ began to replace person’s experiences    is not the subject of a relationship between God
             of “worry, depression, grief, sorrow, and other   and the man. When a person experiencing re-
             emotions”. It seems that the concept of stress    pentance, he faces one of the biggest stress. We
             has become all-embracing, and vast variety of     may suppose that for God in His care of human
             human experiences may be called just ‘stress’.     soul, the depth of person’s remorse is more im-
             This arises a question if there are some risks    portant than the force of human stress.
             that the focusing on the concept of stress is
             replacing the meaning of all these emotional      The main idea of the author was to tell about
             and moral experiences and to devalue them.        stress as a modern construct on physical, psy-
             If it is so, does it mean that in this case thera-  chological, and spiritual levels, as a person was
             py are forced to deal with client‘s stress, and   designed by God as a body-soul-spirit. Howe-
             not to relate to the essential content of his ex-  ver, after reading this text, a reader still won-
             perience and its sense.                           ders “how does human stress manifest itself in
                                                               the context of the spiritual level?” and “what is
             Speaking about a theological perspective, the     the structure of stress in the spiritual space?”,
             term  ‘stress’  toward  a  person’s  relationship   because the answers on these questions are not
             with God may be also problematic. In the si-      much clear from the article.

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