Page 9 - EMCAPP-Journal No. 13
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About the Artist

             Jason K. Dy, SJ (b. 1977, Philippines) was ar-    for institutions, visit exhibitions, participate in
             tistically  inclined  when  he  was  young,  but  it   art groups and integrate art into his studies in
             was only when he was in high school that he       theology. As a priest, he is now not only active
             started  to  develop  his  talents  by  joining  art   in art production but also in art management
             contests, making liturgical designs for commu-    and pastoral ministry for artists.
             nal worship and following art workshops. His
             art blossomed fully when he joined the Jesuits,
             who encouraged him to attend art workshops,       Copyrights for all photos and texts see here:
             art  classes  and  conferences,  accept  book  pro-
             jects (e.g. illustration and lay-out), create logos

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