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                                                                                          Read our fifth number:
       The main articles - Journal 5                                                        Focus country: USA

       •  Tim Sisemore: Grace Matters: A Christian Psychology                              Main articles in English
       •  Paul Watson: Babel of Rationalities: Christian Psychology,
           Incommensurability, and the Important Role of Empirical
       •  Eric Jones: The Roles of Automatic and Conscious Thought
           in Worldview Consistency
       •  Keith Houde: The Mystery of Persons: Catholic
           Foundations for a Psychology of Persons
                                                                                          Read our sixth number:
                                                                                          Focus country: Finland
                                                                                      Main articles in Finish and English
       The main articles - Journal 6

       •  Eric L. Johnson (USA): Is a Christian Psychology a
           Legitimate and Viable Scientific Project?
       •  Toni Terho: ACC Finland, Christian Anthropology&Ethics
       •  Ritva Belt: Attachment Theory and Mother-Infant
           Psychotherapy Groups among Drug-Abusing Mothers
       •  Jorma Niemelä: The Role of Spirituality in Treatment and
           Recovery of Addiction

                                                                                        Read our seventh number:
                                                                                           Focus country: Canada

       The main articles - Journal 7                                                       Main articles in English
                                                                                              and one in French

       •  On Christian Psychology: An interview
       •  Relational Theology and Relational Therapy
       •  On Teaching Forgiveness
       •  Guidance through the Holy Spirit during the counseling or
           therapy session: blessings and problems

                                                                                         Read our eighth number:
                                                                                        Focus country: South Africa
       The main articles - Journal 8                                                       Main articles in English

       •  ‘Psyche’ or ‘soul’? Towards a Christian Approach to
           Anthropology in Pastoral Caregiving and Spiritual Healing
       •  Christian Community Psychology
       •  An assessment of current counselling practices in churches
           in South Africa
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