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             2  1  Editorial
             2    Around The World: The Contributors
             4    The first twelve numbers

             7    About the artist: Jason Dy (Philippines)
             8    Krzysztof A. Wojcieszek (Poland): The invisible body / Niewidzialne cialo
             22  Comment: Janet Warren (Canada)
             24  Jason Dy (Philippines): In Loving Memory
             25  Johannes Grössl (Germany) in interview: Transhumanism – the Great Danger? How far are we
                  allowed to go in biological and technological improvements to mankind? / Wie weit dürfen wir
                  bei der biologischen und technologischen Verbesserung des Menschen gehen?
             33  Comment: Joey Cochran (USA)
             36  Matthias Schlagmüller (Germany): Epigenetics – environmental influences control the activity
                  of our genes / Epigenetik - Umwelteinflüsse steuern die Aktivität unserer Gene
             48  Comment: Kenneth Logan (USA)
             50  William L. Hathaway (USA): The Imago Dei & Embodied Cognition
             68  Comment: Roland Mahler (Switzerland)
             70  Ulla Dahlen (Finland): The trauma of body and mind in female genital mutilation/ cutting
                  (FGM/C): Christian anthropological and therapeutic perspectives / Kehon ja mielen trauma
                  naisten silpomisessa: näkökulmia Kristillisestä antropologiasta ja terapiasta
             86  Comment: Thanh Tu Nguyen (Vietnam)
             87  Comment: Olga Krasnikova (Russia)
             89  Miguel Ángel Alcarria (Spain): Our body code. Deciphering the meaning of body and
                  somatomorphic manifestations from an integrative perspective / Nuestro código corporal:
                  descifrando el significado de las manifestaciones corporales y somáticas desde una perspectiva
             92  Comment: Daniel Eytan (Israel)
             94  Jacoba van der Werf (Netherlands): EMDR and the body in Christian therapy / EMDR en het
                  lichaam in christelijke therapie
             108  Comment: Colleen Ramser (USA)
             110  Helma Ziegler, Johannes Haack (Germany);  Body-oriented mindfulness exercises in a
                  Christian context / Körperbetonte Achtsamkeitsübungen im christlichen Kontext
             120  Comment: Kelvin F. Mutter (Canada)
             122  Heidi Pidcoke (USA): Somatic Psychotherapy and Divine Unity: A personal perspective
             131  Comment: Gwen White (USA)
             133  Comment on the eJournal Christian Psychology Around The World: Susan Wambui Gitau
             135  Can Neuropsychology Find a Fruitful Place in Christian Psychology with contributions by
                  Johannes Haack (Germany), Jason Kanz (USA), Trevor Griffiths (Great Britain)
             136  Come to work with us. Psychiatric and other mental health professional vacancies at Tumaini
                  Counselling Centres in Nairobi & Kampala
             138  2019 Two Conferences
             143  Book: Psychology and Psychotherapy in the Perspective of Christian Anthropology
             145  Next Number / About us

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