Page 10 - EMCAPP-Journal No. 12
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terms of my Christian identity, at each moment,   through this visual medium. I still find myself
             in each interaction, I am faced with the decision   frustrated at times when my desired outcome
             to move toward greater wholeness / integration    does not flow from my paintbrush, but I keep
             / shalom or to contribute toward disintegrati-    stretching to grow as a painter, which I believe
             on / brokenness. Each of us is faced with that    also helps me grow as a Christian.
             choice many times every day.
                                                               My artistic growth is aided by community. As
             Fourth question: about your paintings: How        a family, we have tried to foster a creative envi-
             you developed this? What meaning does this        ronment. My 18 year old daughter is gifted in
             have for you?                                     pottery, painting, and drawing. My 12 year old
                                                               son has taken up music, learning to play flute,
                                                               piano,  guitar,  bass,  ukulele,  and  banjo.  My  9
                                                               year old daughter has recently taken up dance.
                                                               My wife has been fertile soil for creativity. In
                                                               addition,  I  have  found  great  support,  fellow-
                                                               ship,  and  encouragement  through  the  Rabbit
                                                               Room,  an  online  community  of  Christian  ar-
                                                               tists. As a husband, father, neuropsychologist,
                                                               poet, and painter—indeed as a Christian—I try
                                                               to reflect the words of Andrew Peterson, one of
                                                               the founders of the Rabbit Room: “tell the truth
                                                               as beautifully as you can.”

                                                               I don’t know what my future holds professio-
                                                               nally, nor artistically. Several ideas are percola-
                                                               ting in my mind, yet God alone knows what will
                                                               come to fruition. I simply want to stay present
             For many years, I had an unfulfilled longing for
             a creative outlet. Growing up, I never believed   and draw others’ attention to his truth, good-
             art was my thing. I remember being awed by        ness, and beauty in the world.
             those who could produce a reasonable facsimile    Former article by Jason:
             of a car or a lion. I even envied those who could
             color inside the lines. With poor fine motor con-
             trol, I never thought of myself as artistic. But ae-
             sthetic longing continued to grow. I remember
             repeatedly poring over my grandfather’s book
             about American painter Andrew Wyeth. Over
             time, I exposed myself to more artists, writers,
             and musicians who stoked my desire for beauty.
             I began to think about how I might express my-
             self creatively. I did this first through writing,
             and then through painting. I have always been
             drawn to the subtlety and looseness of waterco-
             lors. In fact, the first original piece of art I ow-
             ned was a watercolor painting. My wife, whom I
             have always considered to be more creative and
             artistic than I am agreed to attend a watercolor
             class taught by master painter Sterling Edwards.
             That experience was transformative. I realized
             after working with Sterling that painting loose,
             I would have the ability to express what I felt

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