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The first ten numbers

       Christian Psychology Around The World                                              Read our first number:
                                                                                           Focus country: Poland
                                                                                        Main articles in English and in

       The main articles - Journal 1                                                               Polish

       •  Krysztof Wojcieszek: Nature of Despair
       •  Romuald Jaworski: The Role of Religious Trust in
           Overcoming Conflicts.
       •  Forum: Christian Psychology, only for Christians?

       The main articles - Journal 2                                                    Read our second number:

       •  Agnes May: The living rhythm of healthy abilities                              Focus country : Germany
       •  Werner May: The Healing No                                                   Main articles in English and in
       •  Friedemann Alsdorf: My Therapy Goal – Your Therapy                                      German
           Goal – God’s Therapy Goal?
       •  W.Soldan: Process models in the field of healing in a
           Christian psychology with the inner forgiveness model as
           an example

       The main articles - Journal 3
                                                                                           Focus country: Russia
       •  R.Jaworski: The relevance and beauty of Christian                              Read our third number:
           Psychology                                                                     Main articles in English
       •  A.Lorgus: The concept of a person according to                                       and in Russian
       •  F.Vasilyuk: Prayer & experiencing in the context  of
           pastoral care

       The main articles - Journal 4                                                     Read our fourth number:

       •  Manfred Engeli: Understanding of Marriage and Final                           Focus country: Switzerland
           Marriage Counselling                                                        Main articles in English and in
       •  Samuel Pfeifer: Prayer – Psychodynamics,                                    German, two in Italian and French
           Effectiven ess, Therapy
       •  Maria Drechsler: Religious coping and post-trauma tic
           growth in the course of a trauma therapy
       •  Forum: Can neuropsychology find a fruitful place in
           Chris tian psychology?

       The main articles - Journal 5                                                      Read our fifth number:

       •  Paul Watson: Babel of Rationalities: Christian Psychology,                        Focus country: USA
           Incommensurability, and the Important Role of Empirical                         Main articles in English
       •  Eric Jones: The Roles of Automatic and Conscious
           Thought in Worldview Consistency
       •  Keith Houde: The Mystery of Persons: Catholic
           Foundations for a Psychology of Persons
       •  Phil Monroe: Telling Trauma Stories: What Helps, What

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