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Marie T. Hoffman &
             Lowell W. Hoffman (USA)

             The Rhythm of

             Redemption: On Our

             Relationship with the

             Holy Spirit in Clinical

             Work                                              Marie T. Hoffman, Ph.D. is Assistant Clinical Pro-
                                                               fessor of Psychology (Adjunct) at NYU Postdoctoral
                                                               Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Co-
             Preamble                                          Director of Society for Exploration of Psychoanaly-
             Rachel,  a  petite,  42-year-old  married  woman,   tic Therapies and Theology, Director of Brookhaven
             suffered  with  obsessive  compulsive  disorder   Institute for Psychoanalysis and Christian Theology,
             most of her life. Rachel touched no mail, drove   Co-Director/ practicing psychoanalyst and clinical
             only when necessary, and had avoided church       psychologist  at  Brookhaven  Center  in  Allentown,
             for years. Contact with strangers required hours   PA, and was the 2006 Stephen Mitchell Scholar. In
             of hand washing, clothes washing, and bathing.    addition to journal articles and book chapters, she
             When unable to be sure that clothes were germ     is author of Toward Mutual Recognition: Relational
             free, she discarded them. She feared contamina-   Psychoanalysis and the Christian Narrative (2011),
             tion by others and being the contaminator. Ra-    and When the Roll Is Called: Trauma and the Soul
             chel, although a Christian, lived in bondage and   of American Evangelicalism (2016), a compilation
             hopelessness.  Today  Rachel’s  life  is  full.  After   of her 2013 Fuller Theological Seminary Integration
             exploring  how  a  Spirit-led,  clinically  complex   Lectures. Dr. Hoffman has lectured and consulted
             psychotherapy  is  conceived  and  practiced,  we   on the interdisciplinary integration of psychoanaly-
             will return to her story.                         sis and Christian theology at Rosemead School of
                                                               Psychology,  Fuller  Theological  Seminary,  George
             Introduction                                      Fox  University,  Wheaton  Graduate  School,  CAPS,
             In A Secular Age, philosopher Charles Taylor      Seattle  School  of  Theology  and  Psychology,  and
             (2007) poignantly depicts the sterile landscape   Union Theological Seminary, as well as other aca-
             of a world darkened by secularism: “I have been   demic settings.
             drawing  a  portrait  of  the  world  we  have  lost,                 
             one in which spiritual forces impinged on po-
             rous agents, in which the social was grounded     Lowell W. Hoffman,  a  psychoanalyst,  cli-
             in  the  sacred….  All  this  has  been  dismantled   nical psychologist, and Co-Director of Brookhaven
             …in the transformation we often roughly call      Center  in  Allentown,  PA,  where  he  has  provided
             disenchantment (p. 61).” “Disenchantment” in-     psychotherapy to individuals and couples for over
             fected art, literature, philosophy, and even daily   30 years. With his wife, Marie T. Hoffman, Ph.D., he
             discourse.                                        is the founding Co-Director of the Society for Ex-
             For Christians in this secular age, nature, sci-  ploration of Psychoanalytic Therapies and Theology,
             ence,  and  art  continue  to  reflect  a  sovereign   founding  Co-Director  of  Brookhaven  Institute  for
             God  redeeming  all  of  creation.  As  Christi-  Psychoanalysis and Christian Theology, and foun-
             ans,  we  assert  the  presence  of  the  living  God   ding and past Co-Chair of the Psychoanalytic Track
             through His Holy Spirit in the work we call psy-  of the Christian Association for Psychological Stu-
             chotherapy. We affirm that God leads us in our    dies. Dr. Hoffman has contributed to the integration
             work through His redemptive plan and through      of  Christian  theology  and  psychoanalysis  through
             specific  promptings  and  guidance.  We  briefly   his  publication  of  journal  articles,  book  chapters,
             summarize  perspectives  on  the  Holy  Spirit’s   and as guest editor of the Journal of Psychology and
             work, and then resource G.F.W. Hegel’s Pheno-     Christianity.

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