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Romuald Jaworski (Poland)                           Romuald

             Comment to                                          Jaworski,

             “That which comes from                              dr.  hab.,  psycho-
                                                                 logist,  psychothe-
             the Lord who is the Spirit”                         rapist,  supervisor,
                                                                 professor  at  the
             Janet Warren‘s text on the presence of the Holy     Cardinal    Stefan
             Spirit in psychotherapy was first read with inte-   Wyszynski  Uni-
             rest and then with growing recognition for the      versity in Warsaw,
             author‘s competence and courage. Apparently,        for  several  years
             the Holy Spirit accompanied her in the formu-       president  of  the  Association  of  Christian
             lation of important and transparent theses.         Psychologists (ACP) in Poland.
             The approach to the problems of psychotherapy       He is the author of several books and articles
             and counseling, taking into account the spiritu-    in the field of psychology of religion and pa-
             al context, is becoming more and more popular.      storal psychology.
             A strictly materialistic paradigm ubiquitous in
             20th century psychology that takes into account              
             the  exclusive  somatic  context  of  a  mental  life
             with a total or significant omission of the spiri-  Articles by Romuald:
             tual sphere is losing its importance. Not only in
             serious scientific research, but also in popular
             psychological journals (eg „Psychology today“
             or „Characters“) we meet more and more often
             with the issues of meaning and purpose of life,
             world of values, spirituality, references to religi-
             on and philosophy of life. Earlier, this question
             was  asked:  Is  omitting  the  spiritual  sphere  in   psychotherapy. In addition to the relationship
             psychological analyzes justified? Is this not - as   a) psychotherapist - patient there are relation-
             V. V. Frankl claimed - castration of this sphere   ships: b) psychotherapist - Holy Spirit, c) pati-
             of life, which is the most specific element of his   ent - Holy Spirit, and d) psychotherapist - re-
             existence? Today this question is more often as-  lationship between the patient and Holy Spirit,
             ked: How does one study and interpret the con-    e) patient - the relationship between the psy-
             nections between the psychological sphere and     chotherapist and the Holy Spirit and finally f)
             the spiritual sphere?                             Holy Spirit - relationship between the psycho-
                                                               therapist and the patient. This richness of rela-
             E. J. Warren‘s article is a short but essential (in-  tionship broadens and deepens the possibilities
             tense) approach to this important issue. He also   of building a meaningful life, overcoming dif-
             responds to my experience as a theologian, psy-   ficulties  and  multifaceted  development.  Con-
             chologist and Christian psychotherapist. I am     sideration of these relations fosters a dialogical
             satisfied with the satisfaction of my beliefs and   approach in communication and, because of its
             experiences  with  the  theses  contained  in  this   mystery, inclines to opening up to others as a
             text, but I want to emphasize the importance of   secret and not distancing itself from them when
             some of the author‘s statements.                  they are treated as a problem or source of the
                                                               problem  (see  G.  Marcel).  The  strategy  of  ac-
             Perception  of  psychotherapy  and  counseling    companying a man experiencing difficulties is
             as a meeting in a triad: The paraclete, patient   not so much to explain a problem, but he seeks
             and  psychotherapist  (Adams  1973)  opens  up    to participate in its mystery. It is in this context
             new  important  aspects  of  the  relationship  for   that I understand the role of a psychotherapist

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