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as an assistant to the Holy Spirit in the process   cal and psychological knowledge. He points to
             of psychotherapy (Seamands 1988).                 imagination and intuition as a way to transsem-
             The  first  generation  of  Christians,  led  by  the   piric  experiences,  and  emphasizes  the  impor-
             Holy  Spirit,  made  the  greatest  revolution  in   tance of using metaphors and biblical images to
             the history of the world. Today the situation is   trigger transformation processes (conversions)
             tragic, because thousands of Christians do not    in a patient.
             even know who the Holy Spirit is, let alone the   Due to the inclusion of pneumatology as a field
             life following the Spirit, „said Father Blachnicki,   of theology and pastoral care and the indica-
             founder of the Movement Light - Life.             tion of specific ways of spiritual discernment,
             Jesus told his disciples that he would send the   the author rightly states that „we must look for
             Spirit  into  the  world  to  „convince  the  world   a  balance  between  education  and  experience,
             about  sin  and  about  justice  and  about  judg-  understanding and contemplation.“ That is why
             ment“ (John 16.7-11). The moral life of Chri-     „spiritual insight is an indispensable Christian
             stians is sustained by the gifts of the Holy Spirit   psychotherapist“.
             that  strengthen  man  in  faith.  These  gifts  are:   It would be good for the patient and psychothe-
             wisdom, reason, advice, bravery, skill, piety and   rapist, as well as for those around them, if they
             the fear of God.                                  remember that theology and psychology can be
             The fruits of the presence of the Holy Spirit in   affirmative  and  transformative.  They  are  two
             our  lives  are:  love,  joy,  peace,  patience,  kind-  wings on which the human spirit rises, thanks
             ness,  goodness,  generosity,  kindness,  faithful-  to the help of the Holy Spirit, to know the truth
             ness,  modesty,  abstinence  and  purity  (vgl.  Ga   (John Paul II - „Fides et ratio“), which libera-
             5,22-23) . They help people in their quest for    tes  from  bondage  all  that  limits  freedom  and
             God, they are a determinant of proper conduct     fullness of life. I am glad that, thanks to the ap-
             and personal maturity.                            proach presented by the author of the reviewed
             In his text, E. Warren postulates the balance bet-  text, my dream about Christian psychotherapy
             ween openness to the experiences of the Holy      becomes more real and popular.
             Spirit  and  reliance  on  solid  biblical,  theologi-

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