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Michael Strating                                     Michael Strating,

             Introduction to the                                  B.A. Second year
                                                                  Master’s  student
             Canadian Contributions                               in the Adult Cli-
                                                                  nical  Psycholo-
             In terms of education and training opportuni-        gy  program  at
             ties in Canada, there are some Christian semi-       the    University
             naries and universities that offer graduate level    of  Windsor.  Pri-
             programs  related  to  psychology  and  counsel-     mary  area  of  re-
             ling.  However,  at  this  point  in  time  there  are   search  is  in  psy-
             almost no programs in Canada that are compa-         chotherapy  pro-
             rable to the Christian PhD and PsyD programs         cess-outcome research with a focus on emo-
             in  the  USA.  Alternatively,  the  primary  draw-   tion change processes. He is also interested
             back in pursuing education at a secular Cana-        in  the  intersection  of  Christian  faith  with
             dian university is that I must actively seek out     mental health and topics related to resilience
             critical  discourse  in  psychology  and  personal   and stress-related growth, personal identity,
             interaction with the Christian academic com-         and the construction of life narratives, as well
             munity  beyond  my  regular  study  and  contact     as the integration of theology and psycholo-
             with colleagues at school.                           gy more broadly.
             Unfortunately,  there  are  no  formal  societies
             or  associations  for  Christian  psychologists  in   man edition. In his introduction he addresses
             Canada.  So  where  does  a  young  and  aspiring   the limitations of psychology as being less than
             psychologist  like  myself  turn  to  find  such  a   a perfect science, that is, as a means of gleaning
             community? I was able to connect with a few       objective truth in an absolute sense. As much
             Christian counselors and social workers I knew    as I enjoy learning about psychological theory,
             in  my  own  community,  but  I  predominantly    statistics,  and  research  methods,  its  inherent
             looked  south  to  find  fellow  Christians  with  a   fallibility  is  a  concern  that  continually  sticks
             passion for psychology. As I set out on this jour-  with me. At times it even evokes a creeping sen-
             ney only a few years ago I was blessed with the   se of despair, knowing that psychology can ne-
             opportunity to meet individuals like Eric John-   ver even remotely attain the status of the truths
             son and others whose work is permeated with       revealed in Scripture.
             a love for God and His Holy Word. From the-       However, this is not to say that this work is fu-
             re I have been introduced to Werner May and       tile. Many of us are convinced that, as a method
             was delighted to discover that this work is being   of  systematic  study,  psychology  provides  us
             done by many others worldwide as well, as this    with valuable insights into our lives when it is
             journal attests to.                               firmly grounded in the Scriptures and is held
             Admittedly, as a result of this sequence of expe-  in close dialogue with Christian theology, phi-
             riences, in some ways this is as much an intro-   losophy,  history,  and  community.  And,  when
             duction to Christian scholarship in Canada for    rooted as such, there is little reason to believe
             me as it is for many other readers of this edition.   that Christian psychology cannot be advanced
             However, this does not mean that Christian psy-   by critical and open dialogue with mainstream
             chology is absent in Canada. On the contrary, I   psychology as well. Given this prioritization I
             have the pleasure of introducing you to some      think it is also important that we maintain clo-
             of the excellent work that is being done here as   se dialogue with those in the Biblical/Nouthetic
             well. I hope you find, as I have, that Christian   Counseling tradition as well. While awareness
             psychology is alive and growing, just as it is in   of the limitations of psychology may be frustra-
             many other regions of the world.                  ting at times, in many ways I see it as a correc-
             As I was familiarizing myself with previous is-   tive pulling us back to the real Source of Truth.
             sues of the EMCAPP journal, I was struck by       In  an  interview  with  Werner  May,  Russ  Ko-
             several comments made by Werner in the Ger-       sits shares with us what such transdisciplinary
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