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The first six numbers

       Christian Psychology Around The World

       The main articles - Number 1
       •  Step by step we were lead - About the beginnings of the                         Read our first number:
           Association of Christian Psychologists (ACP) in Poland.                         Focus country: Poland
           Interview with Agata Rusak                                                   Main articles in English and in
       •  Krysztof Wojcieszek: Nature of Despair                                                   Polish
       •  Romuald Jaworski: The Role of Religious Trust in
           Overcoming Conflicts.
       •  Romuald Jaworski: Personal & impersonal religiousness:
           A psychological model and its empirical verification
       •  Anna Ostaszewska: Anxiety Therapy from the Perspective
           of the Integrative Psychotherapy: A Christian Approach
       •  Anna Ostaszewska: Insight into a Therapy - Ela
       •  A Portrait: Władysław Schinzel
       •  Forum: Christian Psychology, only for Christians?

       The main articles - Number 2

       •  Eric L. Johnson What is a Christian Psychology?
       •  Agnes May: The living rhythm of healthy abilities                             Read our second number:
       •  Werner May: The Healing No                                                     Focus country : Germany
       •  Friedemann Alsdorf: My Therapy Goal – Your Therapy                           Main articles in English and in
           Goal – God’s Therapy Goal?                                                             German
       •  Wolfram Soldan: Process models in the field of healing in
           a Christian psychology with the inner forgiveness model
           as an example
       •  New Paths in AD(H)D Counselling.
           An interview with Joachim Kristahn
       •  Hanne Baar - a portrait: „Interpreting spiritual things
           spiritually to the spiritually-minded“
       •  Forum: The fundamental meaning of conscience in CP

       The main articles - Number 3
       •  Romuald Jaworski:
           The relevance and beauty of Christian Psychology
       •  Andrey Lorgus:
           The concept of a person according to Orthodoxy                                Read our third number:
       •  Fedor Vasilyuk: Prayer & experiencing in the context                             Focus country: Russia
           of pastoral care                                                               Main articles in English
       •  Boris Bratus: Notes on the outer circle of opponents                                 and in Russian
           of Christian Psychology
       •  Elena Strigo: The psychic reality and the image of God
           in Christian psychotherapy – Case context and methods
       •  Olga Krasnikova: The specifics of the Christian Orthodox
           psychotherapy and consulting. Contemplations of a
           christian psychologist
       •  Tatiana Grigorieva, Julia Solomonik, Maria Joubert:
           Symbols in restoring moral self-awareness in trauma
       •  Forum: Strong theismus (Brent D. Slife) in discussion

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