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an arts might once again enter the mainstream     sophy of art that has produced little in terms
             of culture. Now, I believe that an authentic ar-  of real art. On the other hand, we have been
             tist must not weigh the questions of “success”    blessed  by  a  few  extraordinary  creative  geni-
             or “failure” in worldly terms. What matters is    uses in this land. They set their own course and
             fidelity to the vocation of the artist—to create   most of them were self-taught.
             works  that  are  beautiful  and  true—this  is  the   The genuine art of the country is found at the
             real success.                                     grassroots level, where the gift of making beau-

                                                                                      present day (2014):

             Werner: A look into the future: Did you have      tiful things cannot be extinguished by artificial
             any special plans as a painter?                   social/cultural  constructs.  Man  is  a  maker  by
                                                               nature. He ponders his world and sees its my-
             Michael: To continue as I have been, hopeful-     stery and its beauty and he yearns to express it.
             ly always growing in skill and in sensitivity to   He experiences wonder, which is at the founda-
             inspirations. As long as my eyesight lasts. Until   tion of wisdom, philosophy, poetics…. indeed
             the last heartbeat.                               at the root of love.

             Werner: One last question. This edition of the    The  country  of  Canada  (as  distinct  from  the
             magazine has the focus country Canada. In-        “nation” or “society”) has been an enormous gift
             fluenced this you as a person and as an artist    to me. Outside of the cities, our vast spaces, the
             that you live in this country?                    shocking beauty of our wilderness, the silence,
                                                               saturate human consciousness and can lead us
             Michael: I have lived relatively isolated from the   to inner attention, even to reverence for being
             large cities where the fermentation and dyna-     itself—and for the Creator of all being. For me,
             mism of most Canadian culture happens. Ca-        the solitudes have been full of presence, the si-
             nada has suffered for many decades under an       lence full of mystery “speaking” to us. We live
             enormous State-funded culture, alongside com-     on the edge of the infinite. And I think this has
             mercialized culture restricted by a narrow and    been a major influence on my consciousness.
             sterile aesthetics, a social revolutionary philo-
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