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        2  2  Editorial                                      121  Thanh Tu Nguyen (Vietnam), C. R.
        2  4  Around The World: The Contributors                  Bellehumeur (Canada): Durand‘s Imaginary
        4  6  The first six numbers                               and Growth after Trauma: A Qualitative
        7  7  Michael Strating: Introduction to the Canadian      Research Report of Christian Vietnamese
             Contributions                                        Immigrants Living in Canada
        10  About the Artist: Michael O‘Brien                131  Christian Bellehumeur in Interview with
                                                                  Werner May about “Gilbert Durand’s Theory
        Christian Psychology as a Challenge                       of Imaginary Meaningful for Christian
        14  On Christian Psychology: An interview with            Psychology” / Christian Bellehumeur en
             Russ Kosits by Werner May                            entrevue avec Werner May, un entretien sur la
        24  Comment: Shannon Wolf                                 théorie de l’imaginaire de Gilbert Durand: le
        25  Comment: Paul Vitz                                    sens de celle-ci pour la psychologie chrétienne
        Foundational  Discussions in Christian               The Work and Thinking of David Benner
        Psychology                                           153  Werner May: On the Articles by David Benner:

        27  E. Janet Warren: Relational Theology and              Invitation to a Journey
             Relational Therapy                              155  “Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy”
        37  Comment: Anna Ostaszewska (Poland)                    from “Psychology and Religion” (1987)
        39  Comment: Elena Strigo (Russia)                   163  “The Incarnation as a Metaphor for
        41  E. Janet Warren: pages 257-280 (Retrospect) in        Psychotherapy” in “Journal of Psychology and
             Cleansing the Cosmos (Eugene, OR: Pickwick,          Theology” 11, 1983
             2012)                                           172  Wolfram Soldan (Germany) in Conversation
        44  Sam Berg: Can Christians do Narrative                 with “Pastoral Conversation in  Care of Souls:
             Therapy? Original Goodness instead of                Revisioning Christian Nurture and Counsel,
             Original Sin as the Starting Point for Therapy       1998, pp. 143-148
             and Theology                                    179  Mike Sheldon (Great Britain) in conversation
        55  Comment: Phil Monroe (USA)                            with “Understanding our Humanity: in Soulful
        57  Walter Thiessen: The Mosaic of Maturing               Spirituality, 2011 pp 27-37”.
             Spirituality. An Alternative Model for Spiritual   185  Then And Now Response from David G.
             Development                                          Benner
        67  Comment: Kevin Eames (USA)
        70  Comment: Krzysztof Wojcieszek (Poland)           Forum
        72  Kelvin Mutter: Mindfulness or The Peace of       189  Invitation to write us about the topic of the
             Christ?                                              Forum on our new Blog
        83  Comment: Dana Wickers                            190  “Guidance Through the Holy Spirit During
                                                                  the Counseling or Therapy Session: Blessings
        Christian Psychology alive                                and Problems” (Vibeke Møller - Denmark,
        85  Sharon Habermann: My Experiences as a                 Genevieve and Peter Milnes - Australia, David
             Christian Working in Secular Public Health           Appleby - USA, Bill Miller - USA, Sarah
        89  John Auxier: On Teaching Forgiveness                  Groen-Colyn - USA)
        102  Inspired by Christian Psychology:
             Psychological Students Meet Former Articles of   Book
             the e-Journal 5                                 201  The Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul
                                                                  Care (Agnes May, Germany)
        Challenges for Christian Psychology                  202  Books of EMCAPP-Friends 2014-15

        109  Jackie Stinton: A Reflection: The Practice of   204  Next Number / About us
             Contemplative Prayer from an Evangelical
             Perspective: a Seeking and a Yearning
        119  Comment: Roland Mahler (Switzerland)

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