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             About five years ago, I was in a car on a journey to the Netherlands. The
             remarkable thing was that Eric Johnson, President of the Society for Chri-
             stian Psychology, USA, was sitting beside me and that each of us was wor-
             king on his manuscript on a Christian psychology. Together with our wi-
             ves, we wanted to travel to the roots of Eric‘s family, which went back to
             Holland, and we had declared the car’s backseat to be our office.

             In 1986, at the founding of IGNIS, the German Society for Christian Psy-
             chology, it was hardly imaginable that a collaboration of this kind could
             develop at some point, and, even today, I see it as a great blessing, but also
             as a sign that, in the meantime, Christian psychology has really become
             an important concern internationally.                           

             As a result, I was able to set off on a journey to Canada (at my writing desk) around nine months ago
             to plan this number. I did not yet know exactly what kind of adventure I might be letting myself in for
             and began by making contact with some „old“ names I was familiar with. That was my starting point
             in this large country in which, in the course of the months, more and more pearls began to shine
             through, taking me as far as Vietnam.

             I would not like to claim that I have now explored Canada, not even in relation to the question of how
             the force-field between psychology and faith has developed there and presents itself today. My insight
             into the history and into the current situation in the country, including specifically the whole field of
             psychology there, is too limited and my personal contacts are too few. My only „Canadian“ encounter
             was with James Houston and Bruce Hindmarsh of Regent College in California at the end of 2013.
             (Here you can listen to “ The Glory of a Human Being Truly Alive - James Houston and Bruce Hind-
             marsh on Christian Psychology”

             I must say that I am very glad to have had the privilege of collecting the various contributions by
             Canadian colleagues and brothers and sisters in faith, providing emphases that I have not found in
             this form in the other countries which have left their stamp on the previous numbers of the e-journal
             Christian Psychology Around The World.

             And I would like to point to the contributions from around the world in the forum on a central topic
             of Christian psychology: “Guidance through the Holy Spirit during the counseling or therapy sessi-
             on: blessings and problems”.

             Thanks to everyone for this splendid number.

             Werner May, Germany

                                                         This  edition  is  accompanied  by  the
                                                         artwork of Michael O’Brien. He is the
                                                         author of twenty-eight books and since
                                                         1970 he has also worked as a professio-
                                                         nal artist and has had more than 40 ex-
                                                         hibits across North America.
                                                         “In all my work I seek to contribute to
                                                         the  re storation  of  Christian  culture.  I
                                                         try to express the holiness of existence
                                                         and the dignity of the human person
                                                         situated in an incarnational uni verse.”
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