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About the Artist

        Ar�st Statement

        Alexey Adonin (Israel) explores the point of
        convergence between abstrac�on and surrea-
        lism to create a channel of communica�on bet-
        ween his inner world and the viewers, not only
        to share his personal vision but also and especi-
        ally to invite viewers to elaborate their personal
        interpreta�ons and narra�ves, establishing
        deep involvement both in the emo�onal aspect            two-decade to conveying his vision of hidden
        and in the intellectual one. His approach to            otherworldly realms connected with a �meless
        work is without preconcep�on, allowing ran-             source of inspira�on. Raised in Eastern Europe,
        dom things to happen first. Then, he takes ad-          Belarus, Alexey's thirst for mys�cism and love
        vantage of the mind's ability to find order in          for art have been evident from a young age.
        chaos or use a prepared sketch. Finally, Alexey         Since his father was teaching at the children's
        mostly strives to get away from banal copying           art school, Alexey began a�ending drawing
        of reality, preferring instead to create one of his     classes and later went to art college. In the ear-
        own—something that somehow reflects his in-             ly '90s, he and his family relocated to Israel. To-
        ner world.
                                                                day Alexey resides in Jerusalem and has exhibi-
                                                                ted locally and interna�onally. His works have
                                                                also been acquired by notable private collec�-
        Biography                                               ons worldwide.

        As an explorer of the mysterious universe of oil        and see here on Instagram
        pain�ng, Alexey Adonin has dedicated almost

   Solo exhibi�on “Reflec�on” at “The Balcony Gallery of “Jerusalem Theater” (2011)
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