Page 6 - EMCAPP-Journal No. 17
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day-care-center  with  my  main  focus  on        „Actually  I‘m  quite  different  -  I  just  don‘t
             art  education.  At  the  elementary  school      really find enough time to be it.“ I like this
             of my two children and in other facilities I      quote by the writer Ödön von Horvàth.  My
             have offered a diversity of workshops. I’ve       life is much filled and I’m thankful for that.
             also been giving seminars and lectures for        But sometimes I wonder what would be if
             adults. Here I work both in practice as in        I had more time? Maybe I’d be in the stu-
             theory.  Besides  teaching  different  kind  of   dio  more  often,  would  implement  more
             techniques and visiting museums, giving In-       projects or be more active in networking?
             formation on certain artists and art-forms        Nevertheless I know that I’m exactly at the
             is part of the workshops. In our church I or-     spot where I belong: As a master student of
             ganize exhibitions and offer meditations on       the one and only true master!
             works of art.
                                                                                      Miriam Eva Hofmann
             My  mother  being  a  fashion  designer  and
             my father an art teacher I held my first dra-
             wing pencil before I was able to walk. From
             childhood on until this day being creative is
             an important part of my life. After a seve-       www.meisterschü
             re car accident the arts gained even more
             significance. About one year before, I had
             started to concern myself with thoughts on
             “vocation as an artist”. After the weeks on       Facebook & Instagram:
             intensive care and the time of healing I de-      Miriam_Eva_Hofmann_Art
             cided to become a professional artist.
             I received affirmation through artist friends
             whose expert’s opinion means a lot to me.
             It was really important for me to have my
             resolution  acknowledged  by  others.  Even
             though or maybe because I would call my-
             self more of an introvert I set value to in-
             teracting with others. I enjoy the exchange
             and mutual enrichment.

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