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                             One day before the war started, I got the report about the
                             Online Seminar “Theoretical Foundations of the Christian
                             Psychology” by the Ukrainian Association of Christian Psy-
                             chology  from  29.01.2022,  where  I  was  allowed  to  give  a
                             short lecture. (See here page 49)
                             And not long ago, in 2021, I gave an online-training for trai-
                             ner and counselors for foster families in Ukraine. The last
                             evening was in January 2022. In my heart I now wonder
                             what is going on in all these families. I see faces of friends,
                             collegues, and I think of their families, friends, clients...

                             The eJournal Psychology Around The World has been con-
                             nected to numerous colleagues in Ukraine, and as well in
                             Russia, for many years.
                             They now suffer, and send us signals of shock and horror!
                             And with them, many others in their countries!

                             In  my  heart,  there  is  solidarity,  especially  with  those  we
                             know. Thank you, that you stand up for peace! And we with
                             We are also connected to those who are committed to help
                             and support, those who give, those who take in refugees.
                             Here I especially think of our brothers and sisters in Poland
                             and the other neighboring countries.

                             Our main article in this journal is about the acceptance of
                             loss of every-day-good-things. It is not
                             about having lost everything, but may-
                             be there are some helpful ideas even in
                             that direction.
                             We keep praying.

                             Yours, Werner May

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