Page 5 - EMCAPP-Journal No. 17
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About  the  Artist

             There are many ways for one to encounter
             the great Creator. From the Christian bible
             we learn how he manifests himself to a di-
             versity of people in diverse manners. And
             still today the access is manifold. Some are
             moved by nature, some by studying scrip-
             ture or other books, for some music is an
             access to the triune God and for some the
             Fine Arts can be a window to the soul.

             In  my  church  I  have  brothers  and  sisters
             with  whom  I  can  laugh  and  cry,  believe          Miriam Eva Hofmann
             and have doubts. Together we are pupils of                          Germany
             the one who invented creativity with all its
             facets of life.

             This is one of the reasons why I named my          given talents for praise.
             homepage  www.meisterschü  The             In Psalm 90:17 Moses prays: “May the fa-
             German  word  “Meisterschüler”  means              vor of the Lord our God rest on us; esta-
             Master-class-student. I am not a student of        blish the work of our hands for us – yes,
             an artist’s master class, but see myself as a      establish the work of our hands.”
             pupil of THE inventor of creativity. Contrary
             to a student in Art School, where you have         I work conceptual. With a divers number
             had to prove your worthiness to become a           of materials and techniques I treat themes
             master student the access to the greatest          which  I  presently  have  on  my  mind.  The
             Artists of all is not bound to certain require-    main subject of my Art usually is the rela-
             ments. The only precondition is ones wish          tionship between mankind and its Creator.
             to honestly follow Jesus.                          It is not my goal to produce “Christian Art”,
                                                                but  Art  which  encourages  reflectiveness
             In the book of Exodus one can read how             and hopefully points out to the one who
             God equipped his artisans and artists with         stand at the beginning of everything.
             his Holy Spirit. Through their high qualified      When I create art the results have to touch
             works they were to honor him by building           my  heart  first.  When  it  also  touches  the
             the  tabernacle  and  all  its  utensils.  These   heart of the viewer, then maybe we speak
             masters of the arts had been raised as sla-        the same language.
             ves  in  Egypt  and  there  they  had  learned
             everything  they  needed  to  know  to  ful-       I  studied  History  of  Art  focusing  on  mu-
             fill the given assignment. God had prepa-          seum  education.  But  instead  of  getting  a
             red  them  in  a  time  they  probably  hadn’t     degree in this field I decided to become a
             dreamed of the task ahead.                         kindergarten teacher because I really wan-
             This account shows that on the one hand            ted to work with children artistically since
             God  himself  appoints  and  equips  Artists       in the 80s the chances to get a job at a mu-
             for his plans but it also shows the great re-      seum weren’t so good.
             sponsibility one has when using these God          Until we got our first child I worked at a

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