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                                                                                    Read our ninth number:
                                                                              Focus topic: „Therapy goals“ from the
       The main articles - Journal 9                                           perspective of Christian psychologie

       •   My Therapy Aim–Your Therapy Aim–God’s Therapy
       •  To What End? A Christian Psychology Perspective on the
           Goals of Psychotherapy
       •  Spiritual Maturity – Can it be an Aim or Goal of Christian
                                                                                     Read our tenth number:
                                                                            Focus topic: „The Importance of Conscience

       The main articles - Journal 10                                               for a Christian Psychology “

       •  Conscience and faith in Christian counselling practice
       •  Christ and the Spirit
       •  Psychological reasons for avoiding happiness
       •  Honoring & Nurturing Conscience in Psychotherapy

                                                                                 Read our eleventh number:
                                                                            Focus topic: „Professional Conclusions,
                                                                            Intuition, Wisdom, Guidance by the Holy
       The main articles - Journal 11                                      Spirit - Who is leading me during practicing

       •  That which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit                           Christian Psycholog y? “
       •  What I Need For Orientation…
       •  The Holy Spirit and Counselling (in English and in

                                                                                   Read our twelfth number:
                                                                              Christian identity and what would be the
       The main articles - Journal 12                                          Focus topic: “What do we mean by a
                                                                                 question for a Christian psychology.“
       •  Religious identity, when compared to other                           practical consequences? A fundamental
       •  Identity as the Father‘s beloved: Functioning from rest
           amidst pressure
       •  Christian identity. A look from behind the iron

                                                                                  Read our thirdteen number:

                                                                                    Psychology, Psychotherapy and
       The main articles - Journal 13                                        Focus topic: “Body Aspects in Christian

       •  The Invisible Body                                                                        Counseling“
       •  Transhumanism – the Great Danger?
       •  EMDR and the Body in Christian Therapy
       •  and others
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