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             2  1  Editorial
             2    Around The World: The Contributors
             4    The first thirdteen numbers
             7    About the artist: Diane Fairfield

             PART ONE Understanding Stress and Coping
             10  Steven L. Voss (USA): A Holistic Perspective of Stress
             20  Comment: Maria Joubert (Russia)
             21  Romuald Jaworsky (Poland): Stress and the Cross. A psycho-theological interpretation of
                  human struggle / Stres i krzyż. Psychologiczno-teologiczna interpretacja ludzkich zmagań
             32  Comment: Paul C. Vitz (USA)
             34  David Nehring (USA): Coping with Stress – Christian Perspectives
             45  Comment: Daniel Eytan (Israel)
             47  Nicholas DiFonzo (USA): Evil Rumors
             53  Comment: Andrey Lorgus (Russia)
             54  Stefano Parenti (Italy): Coping the Selye’s Stress Theory with a Thomistic Approach / Adattarsi
                  alla teoria dello stress di Selye grazie all‘approccio tomista
             85  Comment: Krzysztof Wojcieszek (Poland)
             89  Stephan Schöbe (Germany): The Personality System Interaction Theory (PSI Theory) and
                  Stress /Theorie der Persönlichkeits-System-Interaktionen (PSI-Theorie) und Stress
             108  Comment: Charles Zeiders
             110  Johannes Haack(Germany): Deep spiritual Reading in the digital age – Encounter with god,
                  live transformation and coping with stress / Tiefes geistliches Lesen im digitalen Zeitalter –
                  Gottesbegegnung, Lebenstransformation und Stressbewältigung
             137  Comment: Kelvin Mutter (Canada)

             PART TWO Stress and Mission
             140  Téo van der Weele (Netherlands): “The wall of Peace” (Philp. 4: 6-9). How this lead to the
                  Founding of the School in Denmark and how this worked out in my personal life
             151  Comment: Peter Milnes (Australia)
             153  Kelly O’Donnell, Heidi Pidcoke, Michèle Lewis O’Donnell (USA / Switzerland): Engaging in
                  Humanity Care: Stress, Trauma, and Humanitarian Work
             168  Laurie A. Tone, Fernando Garzon, John C. Thomas, Brigitte Ritchey, Mike Malek-Ahmadi
                  (USA)): Stress Perception and Measurement in Missionary Populations
             181  Comment: Ullah Dahlen (Finland)

             PART THREE Further information
             184  Nathaniel Marino (USA): Living in the Larger Story: The Christian Psychology of Larry Crabb.
                  A Report about the Confernce, May 16-17, 2019, Gideon Institute of Christian Psychology at
                  Houston Baptist University (USA)
             186  Barcelona 2019: An Interview with Friedemann Alsdorf (Germany)
             190  Next Number / About us

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