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About the Artist:

             Diane Fairfield

             Diane  E.  Fairfield,  born  and  raised  in  Nort-  In  1997  she  and  her
             heast  US,  is  an  artist  who  now  resides  in  the   husband made a ma-
             Southwest where her paintings are greatly influ-  jor  life  decision  and
             enced by the vast expanses that surround her.     moved  to  southeast
             Her artistic passion was ignited in her as a child   Arizona,   leaving
             and, though her life took her in many other di-   their careers and tra-
             rections,  she  always  returned  to  art  and  now   ditional  life  styles  behind.  One  of  the  driving
             paints full time. She has a vivid memory of the   reasons for this change was to enable them to
             first time she knew she wanted to be an artist.   pursue art full time. Once they had moved from
             At the age of 5, when drawing a scene with rain,   a  suburban,  career-driven  life  in  the  Boston
             her teacher complimented her on her accom-        area of New England to an extremely rural life
             plishment, using it as an example to the other    in an undeveloped area in Arizona, their time
             children and succeeding in turning on a switch    was  initially  consumed  in  building  their  new
             within her. That passion remains.                 home, beginning with a barn for their horses.
             Her college and career years were also spent in   Animals,  and  especially  horses  and  dogs,  are
             the Northeast US where she evolved into a ca-     one of Diane’s great loves, thus the need to take
             reer in human resource management. A major        care of them first.
             in commercial art in college, she realized that
             discipline did not fulfill her artistic passion and   Following  that  accomplishment  they  turned
             therefore continued studies in fine art following   their hands to building their house and art stu-
             college. Fairfield has taken courses and work-    dio themselves out of straw bale construction.
             shops at a number of institutions both in New     Once  completed,  they  began  to  fulfill  their
             England  and  Arizona  and  continues  to  study   dreams of being fully engaged in art.
             through her own research and exploration.         Diane is a colorist whose style is painterly and

                                                                            Streams in the Desert
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