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How Long?

             intuitive.  Often  she  does  not  rely  heavily  on   the southwest skies. Viewers of her work have
             preliminary  sketches  other  than  the  occasio-  described it as “powerful” and having a quality
             nal thumbnail but prefers to plunge in, begin-    that “draws you in”.
             ning with an idea of the composition followed
             by quick application of initial color. From the-  Loving art that suggests rather than gives detail,
             re she builds the painting, line upon line, layer   her desire is to invite viewers into her paintings
             upon layer, often using palette knives and other   to experience what she sees, both naturally and
             tools  to  apply  paint  directly  without  brushes.   spiritually. The themes that dominate her work
             She  is  inspired  by  the  natural  environment   are landscapes and nature, abstractions and spi-
             around her, her faith, and the visions seen in    ritual or visionary work; often these are inter-
             her “mind’s eye”. For Fairfield, painting is a way   connected.
             of expressing not only the seen but the unseen,   In her vision of art she is committed to com-
             which for her are interwoven. “The challenge is   municating about beauty and the glory of God.
             to paint not only what my eyes see but also to    “There is much in this life to pull us down and
             make the invisible visible. I paint to express the   oppress us. My desire is to create a space whe-
             wonder of what I see both physically and spiri-   re people can be uplifted and inspired - a place
             tually and am rarely as happy as when at work     where  they  can  get  in  touch  with  something
             in my studio.”                                    that enriches them” says Diane.

             The  big  sky,  clarity,  and  the  open  space  at-
             mosphere, in which she now lives, impact much       
             of  her  work  along  with  the  brilliant  colors  of      

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