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        The first nine numbers

                                                                                        Read our seventh number:
                                                                                           Focus country: Canada

       The main articles - Journal 7                                                       Main articles in English
                                                                                              and one in French

       •  On Christian Psychology: An interview
       •  Relational Theology and Relational Therapy
       •  On Teaching Forgiveness
       •  Guidance through the Holy Spirit during the counseling or
           therapy session: blessings and problems

                                                                                         Read our eighth number:
                                                                                        Focus country: South Africa

       The main articles - Journal 8                                                       Main articles in English

       •  ‘Psyche’ or ‘soul’? Towards a Christian Approach to
           Anthropology in Pastoral Caregiving and Spiritual Healing
       •  Christian Community Psychology
       •  An assessment of current counselling practices in churches
           in South Africa

                                                                                         Read our ninth number:
       The main articles - Journal 9                                                   Focus topic: „Therapy goals“

       •   My Therapy Aim–Your Therapy Aim–God’s Therapy                             from the perspective of Christian
       •  The Moral Word in Reconstruction of Person in Сhristian
       •  To What End? A Christian Psychology Perspective on the
           Goals of Psychotherapy
       •  Spiritual Maturity – Can it be an Aim or Goal of Christian

       Why do we have a bilingual journal?
       In our movement for Christian Psychology, we meet as Christians with very different backgrounds: different churches,
       different cul-tures, different professional trainings…
       There is a common desire for the movement, but highly “multi-lingual” ideas of its realization! Therefore, a bilingual
       journal is just a small reference to our multilingual voices to remind us:
       •   Languages are an expression of cultures, countries and of their people. By writing in two languages, we want to show
           our respect to the authors of the articles, to their origin and heritage, and at the same time symbolically show respect
           to all the readers in other foreign countries.
       •   There are many foreign languages that we do not understand. Within our own language, we intend to understand
           one another, but we fail to do so quite often. To really understand one another is a great challenge, and we also want
           to point to this challenge by offering a bilingual journal.
       •   “When languages die, knowledge about life gets lost.” (Suzanne Romaine, 2011)
       •   Finally, there is a pragmatic reason: As we want to have authors from one special country to write the main articles
           of every journal, it will be easier for them to distribute the journal in their own country, when it also is in their own
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