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Christian Psychology

             Comment to                                          Romuald Jaworski

             “Conscience and faith in                            Poland,  dr.  hab.,
                                                                 psychologist,  psy-
             Christian counselling                               chotherapist,  su-
                                                                 pervisor,  catholic
             practice”                                           priest,   professor
                                                                 at  the  Cardinal
                                                                 Stefan  Wyszynski
                                                                 University in War-
             Conscience and faith reinforce each other mu-       saw,  president  of
             tually in counselling and psychotherapy             the  Association  of
             In his interesting article, Roland Mahler deli-     Christian Psychologists (ACP) in Poland. He
             neates a range of important themes from diffe-      is the author of several books and articles in
             rent perspectives:                                  the field of psychology of religion and pasto-
                                                                 ral psychology.
             1. The nature of the conscience and its role in
             the  life  of  man  (the  perspective  of  existential   Former articles by Romuald you can see here:
             2. The significance of religious faith in the acti-
             vity of the conscience (the theological perspec-

             3. The function of the conscience and its con-    presence of the divine breath, of divine inspira-
             nection with faith in pastoral care and in giving   tion (inspiro – i.e. infusion, ignite) – and in the
             form to spirituality (the pastoral perspective).  human body the conscience comes into being.

             From the philosophical point of view, the func-   The conscience is a quite special gift of this im-
             tionality of conscience relates to the imparting   parting of breath. It shows itself (becomes pre-
             of values (cognitive aspect) and their evaluation   sent) in the decisions and actions of the will.
             (emotional aspect). The results of this evaluati-  Conscience  enables  the  assessment  of  moral
             on are emotional states (feelings of obligation,   activity,  whether  internally  (thoughts,  intenti-
             guilt, remorse, pride, contentment).              ons, wishes, desires) or externally (words and
             Conscience enables the assessment of one’s own    From the point of view of salvation, the cons-
             activity  with  reference  to  values:  good,  truth,   cience  functions  through  the  presence  of  the
             beauty, love, life. As a result of the assessment,   Holy Spirit. Jesus said that he will send the Holy
             there arise responsibility for oneself and a rela-  Spirit, who “convinces the world of sin, of righ-
             tionship with God, with other persons and with    teousness  and  of  judgement.  Of  sin,  because
             the world. Experiences of discrepancy lead us     they do not believe in me; of righteousness, be-
             to seek forgiveness and grace. Faith is a reaction   cause I go to my father, where you can no longer
             to this deep need.                                see me; finally, of the highest court, because the
                                                               ruler of this world is judged” (Jn 16: 7-11).
             From the point of view of religion, conscience
             can  be  analysed  with  regard  to  a  theology  of   The interpretation of the conscience in connec-
             creation or a theology of salvation. Looking at   tion  with  the  mystery  of  salvation  gives  new
             creation makes it possible to see the truth about   depth and quality. It is not only linked to na-
             God’s presence in us, about the Holy Spirit in    ture, but is also a look at sin through faith and
             man.  When  God  created  man,  he  breathed      through  the  grace  experienced.  I  find  Peter
             breath  into  him.  It  depends  precisely  on  the

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