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             2   Editorial
             2  3  Around The World: The Contributors
             4  5  The first ten numbers
             7   “Tell the truth as beautifully as you can.” Interview with Jason Kanz (USA), the artist of this
             10  Romuald Jaworski (Poland): Religious identity, when compared to other identities / Religijna
                 tożsamość na tle innych tożsamości
             26  Comment: Kevin Eames
             28  Werner May (Germany): Christian identity today - More than a modern and postmodern
                 understanding of identity
             47  Comment: Daniël Louw (South Africa)
             49  Ulla Dahlen (Finland): Identity as the Father’s beloved: Functioning from rest amidst pressure
                 / Identiteetti Isän rakkaana lapsena: levosta toimiminen paineen keskellä
             67  Comment: Fernando Garzon (USA)
             69  Krzysztof A. Wojcieszek (Poland): Christian identity. A look from behind the iron curtain /
                 Chrześcijańska tożsamość. Spojrzenie zza żelaznej kurtyny.
             80  Comment: Daniel Eytan (Israel)
             83  Kenneth Logan (USA): Trauma and Christian Identity
             86  Comment: Gladys Mwiti (Kenya)
             88  Andrey Lorgus (Russia): The Courage to be a Person /Мужество быть личностью
             99  Comment: Roland Mahler (Switzerland)
             102  Several Psychologists answered: „How does your Christian faith help you in your practical
                 work as a psychologist, counselor or therapist?“ Miguel Ángel Alcarria Gómez (Spain) /
                 Charles Zeiders (USA) / Maria Joubert (Russia) / Lowell W. Hoffman & Marie T. Hoffman
                 (USA) / Pawel Surma (Poland)
             109  2019 Two Conferences: Tampere (Finland) and Barcelona (Spain)
             112  The EMCAPP Book Project: Psychology and Psychotherapy in the Perspective of Christian
             114  Next Number / About us

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