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   2	 Editorial
   32	 Around The World: The Contributors
   54	 The first eight numbers
   7	 Friedemann Alsdorf (Germany): My Therapy Aim – Your Therapy Aim – God’s Therapy Aim?
   13	 Comment: Anna Ostaszewska (Poland)
   15	 Timothy A. Sisemore (USA): To What End? A Christian Psychology Perspective on the Goals

         of Psychotherapy
   21	 Comment: Nicolene Joubert (South Africa)
   23	 Elena Strigo (Russia): The Moral Word in Reconstruction of Person in ?hristian

   30	 Comment: Gregory Jensen (USA)
   33	 Shannon Wolf (USA): Therapeutic Goals in Christian Counseling
   38	 Comment: Samuel Pfeifer (Switzerland)
   41	 Roland Mahler (Switzerland): Spiritual Maturity – Can it be an Aim or Goal of Christian

   46	 Comment: Stephen P. Greggo (USA)
   48	 Keith Houde (USA): From Brokenness to Beatitude: Therapeutic Goals of the Flourishing

   60	 Comment: Paul Vitz (USA)
   63	 The invitation for Denmark 2017
   65	 Next Number / About us

                                   Bernhard Lorenz lives
                                   with his family in the
                                   Stuttgart area. Profes-
                                   sionally, he works as a
                                   developer in the auto-
                                   mobile industry. In his
                                   spare time, he enjoys
                                   discovering and trying
                                   out new creative tech-
                                   niques and producing
                                   both practical and beau-
                                   tiful objects.

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