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             2 2  Editorial                                      111  Keith Michael: Christian Networking
             2  4  Around The World: The Contributors                 Alliance for Healthcare in South Africa
             4  6  The first seven numbers                       114  Annette and Andre de la Porte:
             7  7  C. Eric Jones & Eric L. Johnson (USA):             Spirituality and Healthcare: A South
                  A Christian’s Guide to Psychology                   African perspective
             15  Comment: Pablo López Silva (Chile)
             17  Introduction to the South African               Foundational Discussions in Christian
                  Articles by Nicolene Joubert                   Psychology
                                                                 121  Daniël J. Louw: Human Embodiment
             Christian Psychology as a Challenge                      as Soulfulness. ‘Anatomy of the Human

             19  Agnes May (Germany): Interview with                  Soul’ in a Pastoral Anthropology and
                  Nicolene Joubert, founder and head of               Theological Aesthetics
                  the Institute of Christian Psychology in       138  Comment: Sam Berg (Canada)
                  South Africa since 2001                        140  Willem Joubert: Being transformed by
             26  Daniël J. Louw: ‘Psyche’ or ‘soul’?                  blessing - by giving it away!
                  Towards a Christian Approach to                149  Comment: Vibeke Möller (Denmark)
                  Anthropology in Pastoral Caregiving
                  and Spiritual Healing                          Forum
             46  Comment: Roland Mahler
                  (Switzerland)                                  152  “We all know persons, but what is a
             50  Nicolene Joubert: Christian Community                person?” Four authors comment and
                  Psychology                                          inspire one another and think ahead,
             67  Comment: Wolfram Soldan (Germany)                    meeting artists on the way around the
                                                                      world – an experiment. With Andrey
             Christian Psychology alive                               Lorgus (Russia), Romuald Jaworski
                                                                      (Poland), Gladys K. Mwiti (Kenya),
             70  Bèné Katabua: Treating Missionary Kids
                  with Psychological Challenges                       Stephen P. Greggo (USA) and the artists
             76  Comment: Lois J. Bushong (USA), Ruth                 Karl Vollmer (Germany) and Kathrin
                  van Reken (USA)                                     Feser (Germany)
             81  Dorcas Khomari and Prof. Wilna                  Book ...
                  J. Basson: Experiences of Christian
                  couples attending a Biblically-based           188  Gladys Mwitis (Kenya):  Christian
                  marriage enrichment programme                       Counselling: An African Indigenous
             89  Comment: Saara Kinnunen (Finland)                    Perspective by Agnes May (Germany)
             91  Ninky C. Shuenyane: An assessment               191  Kelly O’Donnell and Michèle Lewis-
                  of current counselling practices in                 O’Donnell (Switzerland / USA): Global
                  churches in South Africa                            Integration - Addressing the Pressing
             101  Marieke Willers: The                                Issues Facing Our World. Overview
                  Professionalisation of Pastoral and                 and Opportunities for Mental Health
                  Spiritual Care and Counselling in South             Professionals
                  Africa                                         195
             105  Wendy Greyvensteyn: The integration            195  The 14th Symposium of EMCAPP 2015
                  of education, psychology and                        in the Netherlands
                  Christianity for a population of               197  The 15th Symposium of EMCAPP 2016
                  adolescent South Africans                           in Warsaw / Poland
                                                                 198  Next Number / About us

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