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             As I was working on my book “Reif fürs Glück” [= “Ready for Happiness”]
             a few years ago, I reflected on when I had been truly happy up till then. I
             didn‘t need to reflect very long: the Cape of Good Hope!
             Back then – 1991 – I sat on a rock in the surf close to the meeting point
             of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and asked myself, while my entire pre-
             vious life passed by before my eyes, how on earth I ever got here.
             For  me  it  was  a  miracle,  in  my  heart  I  praised  God  for  his  love  and
             guidance, for leading a little boy from a small village in Germany to South
             Africa, where I had to hold some seminars and was now enjoying a few
             days of leisure.
             Several things came together in me at the same time: the astonishment
             about how God can make fertiliser out of dung (I mean making fruitful
             life out of a disturbed, insecure one), the satisfaction with the work done,
             the forces and beauties of nature, and the caring understanding of my
             host who allowed me to have my way and waited patiently on the beach
             for certainly more than an hour, yes, even encouraged me to stay longer
             because he detected what was going on in me.

             At that time I was amazed to look back at my life up until then, yet ul-
             timately did not have any idea at all of everything that the next 25 years
             would bring as signs of God‘s love. The thought that I would sometime
             publish an English-language journal – an e-journal was still unknown at
             that point too – and then, on top of that, with the Focus Country South
             Africa: that was completely beyond my horizon.
             I must admit that there is one question I cannot keep out of my mind now:
             What may be the surprises that coming decades will bring with them,
             surprises of which I have no idea today?
             Perhaps this thought has now also formed in the mind of the reader.
             But now, first of all, allow yourself to be surprised by this edition of Chri-
             stian Psychology Around The World.

             Thank you for your support in every way and thank you to all who have

             Werner May, Germany

                          Bongiwe (16) and Nqobile Buthelezi
                          (18)  have  sent  photos  of  their  art
                          They  are  living  in  Bedfordview,
                          In the first part of the journal the works
                          of Nqobile and his sister Bongiwe
                          reflect their questions and hope.
                          The photo collages in the second part
                          are from Beate Hill, Kleinmond, Cape
                          Thank you to all!
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