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sures that assume the viability of Horizon 1      narrative of hope (1 Thess 4:13-17), seen
             and 2 to orient our lives, and a Christian life   in triumph in Revelations 19-21, is actively
             that sees everything in reference to Hori-        hoped for. Fourth, we accept the rich pos-
             zon 3. Living in this tension is no small task.   sibilities of God can sometimes make us la-
             Brueggemann (2001) recommended “Pro-              ment more. The good Samaritan (Lu 10) is
             phetic Imagination” as a method to cut into       often out of sight, and the humble and in
             these  tensions,  and  engage  in  new  ways.     need are rejected (Lu 7:36-40). When such
             His method entails carefully criticizing and      truths are allowed as we criticize the mira-
             dismantling  the  prevailing  expectations,       ge of our culture, we dismantle the logic of
             and assumptions of the current narrative,         clamoring  after  moment-to-moment  ple-
             so that a fuller picture of reality becomes       asure. A new perspective and desires are
             apparent. He suggests that the subsequent         energized by the God of the Bible who is on
             emergence of a new consciousness about            the move. I imagine Aslan, prowling, brea-
             the  full  story  and  our  experience,  allows   thing, creating, to viscerally connect to the
             for new meaning  and  desire that energi-         alternative  story  that  scripture  provides.
             zes new choices. Brueggemann utilizes the         This is the master stroke of stories like Nar-
             imagination as a key tool to recognize what       nia—they imagine with us. In Aslan we find
             new choices may look like when reality is         beauty, hope, joy, and the ability to chuckle
             witnessed. For example, we are only able to       at lesser loses while still allowing the sting
             peel back our eyes from the “choice archi-        of loss to be felt.
             tects” endless pursuit of more, to acknow-        Lament  that  is  organized  by  Horizon  1,  2
             ledge the common beauty of life when spe-         and  3,  has  critiqued  and  dismantled  the
             cific realities are engaged. First, the pain of   status-quo. Such lament acknowledges hu-
             loss is allowed and not medicated or igno-        man longings, human pain, social connec-
             red. We must viscerally pronounce “this is        tedness, and future hope. When using the
             not as intended”. Jesus wept (John 11:35),        question “what did I really long to enjoy”,
             and Paul wrestles with himself and his ac-        this new perspective energizes new choices,
             tions  (Rom  7)  in  expressions  that  agree     such  as  chuckling  at  loss  while  feeling  its
             with the wider reality (Horizon 3). Second,       sting. Table 1 provides some daily examp-
             we must accept the desires of the heart go        les of naming the good that we longed to
             beyond the current heralds (culture, choice       enjoy, the need or interruption that occur-
             architects)  and  our  feelings.  The  culture    red in the already-not-yet, and the beauty
             has a myopic view. We thirst after God (Ps        of God’s original and longed for design.
             63), and John speaks of the “bread of life”.
             Third, we have a view of God’s alternative
             possibilities  and  ending.  The  redemptive      Table 1. Good, Interruption, Design

            Good                             Need/Interruption                 Beauty of God’s Design

            When about to sit and rest       A child needs you to              Rest and recovery
                                             provide a drink of water

            Time with a good friend          They cancel                       Being known

            Drinking coffee                  It spills                         Creative beauty and

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