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        2 1  Editorial                                        105  Comment: Friedemann Alsdorf (Germany)
        2  3  Around The World: The Contributors              108  Tarja Vilppola: Mission Possible.
        4  5  The first five numbers                               A Presentation of the Therapeutic Process of
        4    .                                                     Adult Victim of Child Sexual Abuse / Kuvaus
        7    Eric L. Johnson (USA): Is a Christian                 lapsuudessaan seksuaalisesti haavoitetun
             Psychology a Legitimate and Viable Scientific         psykoterapiaprosessista
             Project?                                         138  Comment: Heather Gingrich (USA)
        12  Comment: Martijn Lindt (Netherlands)              140  Saara Kinnunen: A Case Study: How Individual
        14  Saara Kinnunen: Introduction to the Finnish            Therapy can help with Marital Problems
             Article                                               / Kuinka yksilöterapia voi auttaa myös
        18  About the Artist Ritva Kosonen                         parisuhdeongelmissa
                                                              150  Comment: Olga Krasnikova (Russia)
        Christian Anthropology
        26  Toni Terho: ACC Finland, Christian                Christian Psychology alive
             Anthropology and Ethics                          152  Leena Junnila: RE-Christian Counselling
        61  Comment: Eric Johnson (USA)                            Training in Finland and the Lifecycle Method /
        63  Ari Puonti: What do Pastoral Carers and                RE-sielunhoitoterapeuttikoulutus Suomessa ja
             Christian Psychotherapists need Theology              koulutukseen sisältyvä elämänkaarimenetelmä
             for? Theological Annotations for Professional    159  Hanna Ranssi-Matikainen: Christian Marriage
             Helpers / Mihin sielunhoitajat ja kristityt           Camps as an Intervention in Marriage Crises
             psykoterapeutit tarvitsevat teologiaa? Teologisia     / Kristillinen avioliittoleiri parisuhdekriisin
             reunahuomautuksia auttamisen ammattilaisille          interventiona
        78  Comment: Shannon Wolf                             191  Comment: Michael Cook (USA)
                                                              193  Saara Kinnunen: Päivimaria Kuivamäki –
        Christian Psychology                                       A Pioneer in Christian Therapy in Finland
        81  Ritva Belt: Attachment Theory and Mother-              / uranuurtaja Suomessa kristillisen terapian
             Infant Psychotherapy Groups among Drug-               alueella
             Abusing Mothers / Kiinytymyssuhdeteoria          198  Comment: Anna Ostaszewska
             ja päihdetaustaisten äitien ja vauvojen          199  A Book Review by Akseli Mäkelä
             psykoterapiaryhmät                               199  .
        92  Comment: Andrew J. Schmutzer (USA)                202  The 14th Symposium of EMCAPP 2015 in the
        Christian Psychotherapy                               205  EMCAPP Symposium, Rome, October, 2014

        95  Jorma Niemelä: The Role of Spirituality           207  Next Number
             in Treatment and Recovery of Addiction /         208  Statements of EMCAPP
             Hengellisyys addiktion hoidossa ja toipumisessa

        Why do we have a bilingual journal?
        In our movement for Christian Psychology, we meet as Christians with very different backgrounds: different churches, different cul-
        tures, different professional trainings…
        There is a common desire for the movement, but highly “multi-lingual” ideas of its realization!
        Therefore, a bilingual journal is just a small reference to our multilingual voices to remind us:
        •   Languages are an expression of cultures, countries and of their people. By writing in two languages, we want to show our respect
            to the authors of the articles, to their origin and heritage, and at the same time symbolically show respect to all the readers in other
            foreign countries.
        •   There are many foreign languages that we do not understand. Within our own language, we intend to understand one another, but we
            fail to do so quite often. To really understand one another is a great challenge, and we also want to point to this challenge by offering a
            bilingual journal.
        •   “When languages die, knowledge about life gets lost.” (Suzanne Romaine, 2011)
        •   Finally, there is a pragmatic reason: As we want to have authors from one special country to write the main articles of every journal, it
            will be easier for them to distribute the journal in their own country, when it also is in their own language.

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